1. leavemeinthewaters said: and I can't promise that everything will come easily, but at the same time, happiness isn't that hard to find. even the simplest things can bring you happiness. Take it easy, because you're so much more capable than you think. Keep your head up. You got this. :) Andddd on the side note, my inbox is always open if you ever need someone to talk to!

    thanks, but.. that’s much easier to say when you’re on the other side of it

  2. leavemeinthewaters said: hey, I came across your blog. stay strong. you are so much more capable of doing great things with your life than to have these mere figures dictate who are and what you can do. It's hard, I understand, but at the end of the day, you have to understand that it's YOUR life. It's what you make of it. life is going to hit you with curve balls all the time, it's a learning experience right? What's the point of living if everything came easy? It's finding ways to overcome these times that define us.

  3. Anonymous said: You have Clinical Depression? D: Best wishes and prayers!

    Thank you

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  5. I’m not happy anymore

    I don’t know if we should stay together.

    I hope it’s just a phase,

    but every time you try to make me laugh I feel awkward;

    and it’s so obvious that there’s a strain, too.

    you’re my best friend and I’m sure I’d miss you but right now I just want to get fucked up on drugs and fuck your best friend

    y’know what I mean? I want to be so out of myself that I don’t feel anything whatsoever.

  6. Anonymous said: I love You. and i fucking believe in you, so please, fight.

    I love you too <3

  7. Anonymous said: You are beautiful! Don't give up I love you <3

    Thank you so much.

  8. I’ve calmed down quite a bit, thanks everyone for the lovely messages

  9. Anonymous said: I know you think you've lost everything, but please stay strong. You deserve to be happy and alive. You are beautiful and caring.

    Thank you so much :)

  10. pharaohfej said: You sound like such an amazing person , your boyfriend will realise what a beautiful girl he has , if not now then defo soon x :) stay happy and be positive. ❤ You are beautiful xxxxx

    Gaaaah you’re insanely awesome :) thank you so much